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Brothers On Opposing NFL Teams Are Betting a Corvette Z06 on Sunday’s Jaguars-Jets Football Game

This weekend’s match-up between the Jacksonville Jaguars and New York Jets will feature more than just bragging rights between the Williams brothers.

On Sunday the top draft pics will square off against each other with Quincy Williams playing Linebacker for the Jaguars while his younger brother Quinnen Williams will be suiting up for the New York Jets at Defensive Tackle. On the line, apparently, is Quincy’s Corvette Z06.

That news comes from the twitter feed of Jacksonville sports reporter @BenMurphyTV who shared this video of Quincy Williams after he asked the rookie football player about his new Corvette:

Here’s how the conversation went down:

Mark Long: “I’m a little obsessed with your new car situation. Has he [Quinnen] seen your new car?”

Quincy Williams: “I mean, actually that’s the bet.”

Mark Long: “That’s the bet?”

Quincy Williams: “He wants that Z06.” (laughing)

Mark Long: “You’re betting cars? You’re betting pink slips on this thing?”

Quincy Williams: “I mean, I can’t disclose that information. But, I mean… we might be, we might not be.”

Nothing like a friendly bet between brothers to make an already special event for the two rookies even more fun. We might just have to tune into this game and see the outcome.

Source: @BenMurphyTV via; Keith Cornett – Corvette Blogger

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