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Veterans Day 2019

No words can ever express the gratitude to our military and their families for the sacrifices they have endured in representing and defending our country.

They are remembered everyday! deBotech, Inc. has great respect and possesses great pride in knowing and supporting our employees, their spouses and family members who are veterans in our local community and nationwide.

We are so thankful for their service!

As Thanksgiving approaches, it is natural for us to feel a great appreciation for all that is special in our lives.

Remembering our veterans who have served our country is something we are grateful for everyday and in November our hearts are filled with great pride and thanks.

So, on Veterans’ Day and every other day, we extend a Big THANK YOU!

Meet our Veterans

Brian Meadows works in our Lamination department. He served in the Army for 4 years and 6 months. His rank was E4 and he traveled to Korea. We asked what Brian learned from his service and he shared “teamwork, and that things could always be worse”. Thank you Brian!
Meet Broderick Doby who is also in our Lamination department. He served in the United States Coast Guard for 2 years. While talking with Brock he said he was getting into trouble as a young boy, and decided to join the Coast guard. This experience turned him into a man and taught him assertiveness, character and responsibility. Thank you for your service Brock!
Meet Raymond Freeman from our Cutting department. Raymond served 3 years in the United States Army his rank was SPC. He traveled to California, and El Paso, Texas. He learned from his experience to “embrace the suck and that nothing is handed to you.” Thank you for your service Raymond!
Meet William Labor from our Demold department. Will served 8 years in the United States Marines, rank E5 Sears during his time he learned leadership skills. These skills are shown in his work daily. Thank you for your service Will!
Meet John Lovell from R&D! Johnny has been with deBotech since the beginning. He served 6 years in the United States Army and his biggest take away was that he “grew up” and he traveled to Panama, Alaska, and most of the lower 48. Thank you for your service Johnny!
Meet Gerald Stevens, our new Production Supervisor. Gerald served for a total of 22 in a half years. He served 4 years in the United States Marine Corps and 18 years in the United States Army. Gerald traveled for 62 foreign countries and was glad to be able to serve and come back in one piece. Thank you for your service Gerald!
Meet Nolan Givens deBotechs Process Coordinator. Nolan served in the United states Navy rank E7 Chief Petty Officer for 9 years. Nolan learned work ethic and discipline. Thank you for your service Nolan!

Meet David Laws our Production Supervisor. He served 8 years in the United States Air Force. David learned work ethic, leadership skills and most importantly he learned integrity from his service. David, we thank you for your service!

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