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A Reminder For Clueless Jerks: Don’t Drive Slow In the Left Lane

Show this to the left-lane dawdlers in your life. If your roads are anything like ours, there’s a lot of them.

Lately, states have been cracking down on left-lane drivers. Even though they aren’t speeding, these drivers are still getting tickets, and that can be confusing for them. If you aren’t speeding, you’re being safe, right? Of course not.

Vox recently produced a great video (along with a great article) explaining why driving slower than traffic is dangerous, even if you’re doing the speed limit. Specifically, they talk about the left lane, and its purpose on our highways: Passing, not cruising. For your friends, family members, and co-workers who still don’t get it, go ahead and show them this video. It’s necessary viewing.

That’s because the biggest risk on the highway isn’t speeding—it’s speed differential. As Vox explains, driving slightly slower than surrounding traffic is actually more dangerous than going slightly faster than traffic. That holds true regardless of the speed limit.

Plus, since left-lane slowpokes force faster traffic to weave between lanes in order to pass them, they increase the danger on highways even more. In fact, lane changes are considered a factor in up to 10 percent of all highway crashes. The less we require drivers to switch lanes, the less likely they are to have a mishap.

While not all states are as aggressive about it as Georgia, every state in the U.S. has some sort of law stating that the left lane is for passing only. The research is clear: We’d all be safer if everyone followed the left lane laws.

Now go out there and spread the left-lane gospel to everyone you meet.

Source: Collin, Woodard, Road and Track

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