Carbon Fiber Extreme

42nd Annual Innovation Awards…..and the award goes to…….

The Winner for 2012 for Performance and Customization…..The Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 for the Carbon Composite Air Extractor built by deBotech, Inc.  As printed in the Gala’s magazine, “This single-piece CFRP composite construction with exposed fabric weave provides a lightweight, functional component that increases downforce at high speeds while providing an aesthetically pleasing appearance.” 

Mohawk SPEAirFlow Mohawk SPE
–Key element of the ZL1 aero package which produced 65 pounds of downforce at an equivalent 150 mph (241 km/h) – compared to 200 pounds of lift in a Camaro SS
–Improved hood natural frequency over comparable SMC construction due to 2Kg mass savings
–Increased airflow through the radiator by 2CMM/min.

Widespread Media Acclaim……………..

AutoBlogThere’s also a new aluminum hood with a raised, satin black-finish carbon fiber insert that uses a unique air extractor that is said to increase downforce by directing oncoming air over the car.

TopSpeeda signature center section constructed of carbon fiber rendered in satin black finish.

AutoWeekA key element is the carbon-fiber insert in the ZL1’s high-dome hood, which Chevy calls the Mohawk.

Road&TrackThe most striking element is the exposed-weave carbon fiber “Mohawk” hood insert,

LeftLaneOutside, the ZL1 boasts an aggressive body kit along with a unique “mohawk-style” hood, which features a functional air extractor and is made of a carbon fiber composite.

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