Carbon Fiber Extreme

Light and Strong…..

Light and strong = the requirements for a toothpick bridge project assigned to CarbonHans’ daughter = NO problem!!!  The requirements stated that the bridge could not have more than 500 toothpicks and the goal was to have a competition to see who’s bridge could hold the most weight and take them to failure.  Out of 30 bridges, 3 held approx. 42 lbs. and then collapsed BUT CarbonHans’ bridge held 3 baskets full of golf balls, books, sand, anything the teacher could find but in the end the bridge won.  After 3 strings broke and then the pencil failed the teacher conceded.  CarbonHans’s bridge weighed 53 grams using only 300 toothpicks and held 55 lbs. and could have taken more.  Next project, Light and Fast = No Problem!!!!

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